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4 Tips to Instagram Your B2B Brand

For years, Instagram has been the darling of B2C brands, as the image-friendly platform provides the perfect setting to show off products and share video tutorials. Businesses that sell to other businesses, however, have struggled to find a good use for Instagram as a social marketing tool. Since Instagram has over 800 million monthly users, it may be time to reconsider [...]

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3 New Marketing Strategy Trends to Watch for in 2018

We’re roaring toward 2018, and as the days change, so do several of the marketing trends we’ve used in 2017. Many of the strategies you’ve used in the past aren’t going anywhere. Content, for instance, will always be important to help you educate and delight your buyers. Other activities, however, are already changing at a blistering pace. Are you ready [...]

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3 Strategy-Altering Things You Can Learn from Your Metrics

It's easy for your marketing department to get caught up in the day-to-day tasks that need to be done. Post this many Facebook updates, tweet this many times, write a blog, check the SEO, create that video, boost that ad, bid on those keywords… The list of daily activities necessary to market our businesses is long and sometimes difficult. We’re always learning—even [...]

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Why Your Videos Aren’t Getting Views

It takes a lot of work to create marketing videos for your business. After you go through all the trouble (and money) needed to write, film, produce, and distribute your video, your ultimate reward is thousands of views, right? You want people to watch and share and watch again. So…what happens when your videos aren't getting views? Why wouldn’t your [...]

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