video marketing

By 2019, a predicted 80% of all web traffic will be video. This means there’s a greater demand now, more than ever, for engaging, entertaining, and informative video. The problem is, with 80% of internet traffic in video form, new videos have a harder time catching users’ attention.

That doesn’t mean using video for your CPG brand is no longer a good idea. It just means you may have to get even more creative in order to reach your target audience. Fortunately, there are already some outstanding examples you can learn from.

Oreo: Short and Snappy

Oreo knows the meaning of “bite-sized fun,” and they show it with their various videos that clock in under ten seconds. These are winners because they’re funny, engaging, eye-catching, and over before the viewer’s attention span is.


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This OREO cookie goes out to the 12,298,196 #DogLovers who know that OREO is the best name for a black & white pooch.

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These are perfect for food and beverage brands because they keep your products top of mind of social media users without disrupting their day. If you manage to bring a smile to their faces, then you’re even more likely to be remembered the next time they make a grocery list.

Knorr: Engaged and Involved

Remember the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books? That’s the idea behind the latest video trend. Interactive video gives each viewer the chance to take the story exactly where they want it to go, whether through quizzes, set storylines, or clickable menus.

Take Knorr, for example. With the quizzing option, the brand set up interactive videos to help their buyers identify flavor personas. Those personas were then used to guide buyers to recipes and product suggestions.

knorr video marketing example

By putting the user in control, you can see higher engagement—even better, that engagement gives you lots of data you can use to hone your message.

KIND: Noble Edge

Videos are also a great way to show your brand ambassadors how you plan to change the world. Many brands engage in social causes, including KIND, and share videos of their efforts to keep their buyers in the know. See, companies that are perceived to have a noble edge are also perceived to be of higher quality.

Keep in mind that buyers do prefer authenticity, meaning they’re more likely to give credence to information about charitable causes that comes from outside of the company. If, however, you can balance that authenticity with your brand message, you’ll come out on top.

Perdue: Inform and Educate

Recipe videos are still all the rage, with sites like Yumly, Delish, Tasty, and many more racking up millions of views. Your food and beverage brand could partner with one of these sites that already has a staggering audience, or you can create your own videos to post within your social media channels or on your website. Either way, you’re bound to increase your follower count, boost your engagement, and perhaps see higher sales as buyers clamor to recreate delicious dishes.

The true beauty behind the recipe videos is that they teach the viewer something new, captivate even the most casual social media user, and introduce brands in a natural but necessary way. Absolutely nothing beats that.

Any and all of these video methods could be used to boost your food and beverage brand marketing. If we can help you develop new strategies or improve upon current methods, just give us a call.