Where Savvy Businesses Should Allocate Marketing Spend in 2021

It’s no secret that 2020 put brands in a big bind when it came to marketing and increasing sales during a time when many small businesses were failing and millions of Americans found themselves out of work. In order to survive, a massive shift occurred, from traditional advertising and in-person events to overwhelmingly online efforts. Savvy businesses should expect this [...]

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Will Direct-to-Consumer Marketing Be the New Normal?

A general fatigue exists around the discussion of the novel coronavirus, but the fact remains that the pandemic has shifted consumer behavior in ways that may never shift back. Fear has directed buyers to new shopping avenues, and brands have followed in order to survive. When buyers discover these new shopping avenues are not just safer but also more convenient, [...]

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How Marketing May Change During the Economic Bounceback

More and more businesses are beginning to reopen their doors to consumers across the country, prompting economists to proclaim the coming economic bounceback. While shopping may continue to look different for many in various ways, marketers must be prepared for the expected sales increase that’s sure to come. However, just as we can’t expect to immediately go back to “business [...]

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3 Reasons You Should Be Marketing for the Economic Bounceback

After two months of the “new normal” your brand likely has a better handle on what this pandemic means for the present and future of your bottom line. We’re well past the flurry of emails reassuring buyers that you’re “in this together,” or that “we’re still here.” Yes, things are still unfamiliar. Consequences for marketing choices during the past eight [...]

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