Beyond the Logo: 3 Devices to Brand Your Law Firm

Source Any divorce attorney who’s received questions from family members regarding tax law understands one fundamental truth: In the eyes of the general public, a lawyer is a lawyer. That’s why branding is so important, no matter how big or small your practice is. Stacy Smith of Carter Conboy in Albany, NY, says, “Research shows that, when measuring law firm branding [...]

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3 Branding Secrets That Set Your Accounting Firm Apart

Source We've talked about why building a brand for professional service industries is important, and we've run through the many reasons brand development can be difficult. Now that you’re on board, you need to know how. Unfortunately, many service industries simply don’t understand how powerful differentiation between brands really is. One such industry is accounting. For one moment, consider ten [...]

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Formula for Branding a Service-Oriented Company

Source Companies that provide professional services often struggle when developing and implementing their brand. In fact, the process is so difficult that many small businesses simply give up and just hope their “brand” will eventually identify itself. If you think those businesses eventually fold, you’d probably be right. Even companies that offer no tangible products need to develop some identity [...]

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