Successful CMO Strategies for 2023

It’s right around the corner; 2023 feels like it could be a bright, shiny new year for us, doesn’t it? We’ll leave the pandemic behind for good and embrace all the possibilities the future holds. Maybe everything will go back to “normal,” or maybe we’ll discover that buyer behaviors were permanently changed. The recession we’ve entered could continue, or we [...]

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5 Steps to Grow Your Business in the Emerging Economy: Steps Three and Four Are Refinement and Acceleration

Not every branding, messaging, or product pivot has been the major breakthrough that companies needed to survive whatever difficulties they were suffering. Some of the reasons for the misstep could involve messaging that failed to connect with consumers, a product that failed to solve buyers’ pain points, or an inability to set their brand apart from others within the industry. [...]

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5 Steps to Grow Your Business in the Emerging Economy: Step Two Is a Grand Plan for Innovation and Investment

Many businesses have experienced a pivot at some point during their existence. For many, the pivot occurs after start up, as the brand finds a strong footing among its customers and competitors. For others, the pivot occurs after years of success lead to a downturn due to emerging technology or a simple lack of interest from consumers. Right now, almost [...]

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How to Market a Direct-to-Consumer Model for Your CPG and Beauty Brands

The direct-to-consumer (DTC) model is on the rise, but it’s definitely not new. No, the DTC model has been around for some time, disrupting some of the biggest legacy CPG and beauty brands on the market. Consider the shaving industry, which was once ruled by Gillette. The $3.5 billion per year industry was turned on its ear by the introduction of [...]

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