business blog tips

You have a business blog, don’t you? With so many benefits available to your business, why wouldn’t you? Your company’s blog provides a host of opportunities for you, including:

  • More chances to optimize for search
  • More informed customers
  • Wider reach through social channels
  • Increased traffic to your website
  • Opportunities for convincing and converting

However, we also know that content on the internet is at a fever pitch. We’ve talked about making sure you’re found among all the other noise out there, but watching your numbers shrink can still be discouraging.

You may even wonder if a blog for your business is even worth the trouble as you enter the new year. Well, before you wonder yourself out of maintaining your blog, rest assured that you do still need it. The latest numbers show that 84% of business bloggers still see results from their blog. That means, even though there’s a lot of content out there, leads are still finding information about the business, driving traffic to the websites, and converting to buyers.

That’s still a lot of people, right? You can’t argue with 84% of bloggers who say that a business blog is still important. So, why are your numbers going down instead of up? What makes this group of people more successful than the 16% that aren’t seeing the results they need? These business blog tips might give you the answers you seek.

More Time = More Results

There was a time when the average time spent in researching and writing a blog was a little over two hours. Now, those who spend more than three hours on each blog see better results. When you think about why this may be the case, it’s pretty obvious: With so much content available, the blogs that will resonate the most with readers are the ones packed with helpful information. You can’t keep sharing the same old thing and hope that people will keep coming back for more.

Take some time to determine what your customers need to read in your blogs. What pain points do they feel, and how can you solve those? What questions do they have about your business, your products, your services, and your brand vision? How can you continue to help them? You may need more time to dig deeper, and that’s okay. More time equals more results.

Longer Is Actually Better

A few years ago, the average blog post was about 500 words. Now, customers are looking for content that can really help them. That means they’re more likely to spend time on meatier posts, even if those posts are longer. For that reason, the average blog post—the ones that really get results—are over 1,000 words. Of course, that’s why people are spending more time writing them, too. Longer blogs take a bigger time investment, too.

There’s an added benefit to longer blogs: SEO. Google really likes those meatier posts, and will give preference to sites that provide quality information over sites that still post fluffy stuff. More words also give Google more to chew on when it comes to search terms, too.

Boost the Frequency

One thing experts have always agreed on is that more frequent blogging brings bigger, more qualified traffic to your website. That’s not going to change in 2018. We’ve known for a while that companies that post 16 times per month see 3.5 times more traffic than companies that post four times or less per month.

According to the latest statistics, 67% of bloggers that post more than once per day see even better results! How much traffic could you drive to your website if you posted 25 to 30 times per month? What if you could increase that to 40 or 50 times per month? Sure, the additional time or money investment would need to be made, but what would your return on that investment be?

Of course, not every business owner has the time or energy to create and execute a content strategy. That’s where we come in! If you’d like to increase your blogging efforts in 2018 and need some help, give us a call.