How Social Media Ecommerce Has Disrupted the Buyer’s Journey

No matter how you examine the buyer's journey, it’s the same every time. Awareness. Consideration. Decision. Every stage must occur before a purchase is made. To carry further, of course, is the delight phase, which consists of customer appreciation and service to ensure the buyer comes back for more. In many ways, buyer’s journey has evolved. As we discussed previously, [...]

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One Major Takeaway from the State of Marketing Report Most Leaders Aren’t Doing Yet

Personalized marketing has been a cornerstone of strategy and execution for over a decade, growing stronger and more important as technology improved to provide data collection and automation options. During the latest State of Marketing Report from HubSpot, 94% of marketers said that personalization boosts sales. Now, hearing that 94% of marketers have experienced more success with personalized marketing seems [...]

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What the Buyer’s Journey Looks Like in 2024

We’re all familiar with the basic buyer’s journey: Awareness, Consideration, and Decision. This hasn’t changed, and it never will. What has changed, particularly as digital marketing continues to grow and evolve, is how marketers can guide buyers through each step, from the first discovery of their products or services to the purchase—and then beyond to the customer’s satisfaction for the [...]

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Marketing Trends and Predictions to Help Leadership Prepare for 2024

With a new year around the corner, you probably already have many of your strategies in place, or at least in progress. You probably already have your eye on several potential marketing trends you expect to emerge in 2024, as well as current trends you expect to see either wither or flourish. Let’s take a look at the things we [...]

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