food and beverage brand blog

Blogging for your emerging food and beverage brand may seem like a pointless endeavor. What could you possibly say about your products that buyers won’t learn by tasting or even seeing? That’s why so many brands have made the transition to social media, particularly Instagram. We still see the benefit of a blog, however, especially for growing food and beverage brands that don’t yet have the followers of, say, Doritos or Hershey’s.

The benefits of a blog remain the same, regardless of your industry. You still get the chance to prove yourself as an expert in your field, whether that field focuses on the nutritious, the delicious, or all of the above. Blogs give you the chance to really shine with knowledge about your product.

What’s more, you get the benefit of SEO, which is priceless for any food and beverage brand. The more blogs you publish, the more chances you have of being found by potential buyers.

So, what would a stellar food and beverage brand blog look like? We have a few favorites you can learn from.

Clif Bar

clif bar blog

Clif uses their blog to truly educate their buyers. From stories about their company values to information about nutrition, and how their snacks fit in a good diet, the blog is packed with images, copy, and video that keeps the company brand on point.

Whether their followers are serious athletes, adventurers, or just moms looking for ways to cram more nutrition into their kids’ food choices, there is a blog or news story that fits their needs. Add in stories about Clif’s charity work and volunteer efforts, and you get a 360° view of the Clif company culture.

Honest Tea

honest tea blog

Down the same healthy path, you’ll find the blog for Honest Tea. This drink company promises healthy alternatives to soft drinks, and according to their blog, they deliver. Through their product images, cross marketing agreements, and short videos, buyers get a real sense of the brand they put trust in.

In addition to compelling stories about where the brand came from and where they hope to go, readers can also find great recipes to make healthy drinks with Honest products. Everyone likes being able to put their own personal touch on things, and that includes their food and drink choices.

Smári Organics

smari organics blog

Known particularly for their yogurt, Smári has worked their way up the food scene with a brand that connects with buyers. Their blog is packed full of brand stories and educational features. Perhaps even better, Smári expands their food world by providing unusual recipes with unique uses for their yogurt.

This is an excellent example of how to really reach potential buyers—specifically those who may be very interested in what you’re selling but not particularly interested in eating it. Let’s face it—yogurt on its own isn’t for everyone. Smári knows that and provides some tasty looking options. That’s how you really write your own brand story.

Creating and maintaining a food and beverage blog that supports and expands your brand doesn’t have to be difficult. At Marketing Initiative Worx, we start with the most important piece—your brand—and help you build your story from there. If you’ve put off blogging for your food brand because you didn’t think it would be effective, it’s time to change the game. We’re here if you need some help.