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5 Tasks to Build Brand Credibility

Your brand credibility is more perilous than you might think. It takes years to craft a solid reputation, and only a split second to destroy it all. With the enormous reach of social media, one gaffe could reach millions of people in minutes. That’s why it’s so important to constantly monitor your reputation and work hard to continuously build brand [...]

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Maintaining Your Brand’s Humanity with Automated Marketing

  Digital marketing allows so many ways to automate processes, from the collection of leads through your website to the scheduling of social media posts. Automated marketing has, understandably, opened up time in your schedule so you can focus on things you may not have previously had time for. Now, you have time for customer service, expanding your product lines, and [...]

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What Does Your Brand Voice Sound Like to Customers?

For just a moment, think about those horrifying American Idol auditions the network once gleefully aired. You know the ones—where the singer could walk through the door with swagger, brag for a few minutes about how amazing he was, and then proceed to screech the house down in a ten-second audition, because that’s the longest the judges could listen without [...]

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The Power of Compelling Content and Your Brand

Source  Are you even aware how important content is to your brand? And not just the content on your website, though that’s probably the most important. Any message you release to the world has an impact on your brand. To control your brand story, you must have complete control of your content. Still not sure how powerful your content is? [...]

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