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5 Tasks to Build Brand Credibility

Your brand credibility is more perilous than you might think. It takes years to craft a solid reputation, and only a split second to destroy it all. With the enormous reach of social media, one gaffe could reach millions of people in minutes. That’s why it’s so important to constantly monitor your reputation and work hard to continuously build brand [...]

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Managing Your Brand Across Multiple Platforms

Today’s consumers use a staggering amount of screens. In fact, it’s estimated that Millennials use three screens at any given time, and Generation Z spends time on five or more screens. In other words, if you want your message heard and seen, you must figure out how to reach these buyers on tablets, phones, televisions, laptops, and desktops. Let’s Get [...]

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3 Branding Goofs That Could Change Your Image

Have you ever seen messaging from a well-known brand that made you shake your head in confusion? Maybe one of your favorite companies released a product or service that just didn’t fit the brand you’ve grown to know and love. A departure from your brand mission and vision could happen if you’re not careful, and the result is always confusion [...]

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5 Tips to Fix a Bad Business Reputation

Your brand is your most important asset. How your buyers perceive your company determines whether or not they’ll make a purchase, refer you to other customers, and—most importantly—come back for more. That relationship between you and your buyers is a lot more fragile than you might think. One PR disaster may be all that stands between you and a bad [...]

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