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3 Social Marketing Trends You’ll See in the New Year

We’ve talked about general marketing trends to expect and how blogging will continue to be as important as ever in the coming year. What about social media, though? Are some of the most popular techniques starting to lose steam? What new trends will take the place of the strategies that don’t get big results anymore? Predicting the future is tough, [...]

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Why People Want to Share Your Content

When you publish content for your brand, your goal is to provide information to your buyers that helps them decide to buy. Also, however, you want them to share with others, right? The elusive but oh-so-lucrative viral post has been known to change everything for brands that managed to get it right. Creating a post that will go viral isn’t [...]

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The Future of Social Media Marketing

If you’re still using the old faithful social media platforms—Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn—don’t worry. These networks aren’t going anywhere. If, however, you’ve noticed a downtrend in the number of engagements you’re receiving, it may be because you haven’t kept up with the many new ways that marketers are using these tools. The future of social media marketing has arrived. You’ll [...]

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5 Tips for Higher Engagement on Instagram

When marketing to Generation Z and Millennials, Instagram is an invaluable tool. The numbers are clear: this is where your target market spends their time on social media. And they love their brands and influencers on Instagram, too. Now, it’s up to you to figure out how to drive higher engagement on Instagram. Like Back No one wants to have [...]

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