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3 Science-Backed Business Blog Tips to Carry You Into 2018

You have a business blog, don’t you? With so many benefits available to your business, why wouldn’t you? Your company’s blog provides a host of opportunities for you, including: More chances to optimize for search More informed customers Wider reach through social channels Increased traffic to your website Opportunities for convincing and converting However, we also know that content on [...]

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Creating Content That Stands Out Among the Noise

Let’s be honest: There’s so much content out there on the internet right now that it’s hard to get noticed. If you’re creating content for your brand, this can be pretty discouraging. How many times have you posted a blog or a video, only to watch with dismay as the view count slowly ticks over to one, then two, then…stops. [...]

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Why People Want to Share Your Content

When you publish content for your brand, your goal is to provide information to your buyers that helps them decide to buy. Also, however, you want them to share with others, right? The elusive but oh-so-lucrative viral post has been known to change everything for brands that managed to get it right. Creating a post that will go viral isn’t [...]

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What Is a Content Strategy (And Does My Business Need One)?

No matter what your business is—and who your target audience is—you need content. Your content is how you continue to educate and engage buyers. How do they know what your business is all about, unless they can read your website, study your blogs, watch your videos, and engage with you on social media? Maybe you’ve gotten to this point with [...]

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