Developing Your Brand from Bottom to Top, Part II

In the first part of this series, we laid the foundation for your brand. Now it’s time to start building from the ground up. This is when you’ll begin to inform your buyers of your brand mission, vision, and position. When developing your brand, the design and voice of your brand must be clearly defined so as not to inspire [...]

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Making Design Choices to Fit Your Brand

By the time you begin making design choices to fit your brand, you should have a deep understanding of your company’s vision and mission—your why, as I like to call it. You also will know your buyer personas inside and out by this point. You’ll know what reaches them on both logical and emotional levels. Without this knowledge, you shouldn’t make [...]

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Developing Your Brand from Bottom to Top, Part I

Whether you’re an established business or just getting started, developing your brand is always a must. Knowing who you are, what your message is, and how to get that message to buyers is the most important aspect of your marketing. Starting without understanding your brand will only lead to confused buyers and lackluster revenue. Even if you have a pretty [...]

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