What Is a Content Strategy (And Does My Business Need One)?

No matter what your business is—and who your target audience is—you need content. Your content is how you continue to educate and engage buyers. How do they know what your business is all about, unless they can read your website, study your blogs, watch your videos, and engage with you on social media? Maybe you’ve gotten to this point with [...]

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3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Video Marketing

Video advertising is a great way to get your buyers’ attention. Whether you release snippets of organic video on your social media accounts or spend thousands on professional video production, the important thing is, simply, that you’re marketing through video. The statistics support this, too. 4 times as many buyers would rather watch a video about a product than read [...]

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Who’s the Hero in Your Brand Story?

Storytelling is one of the biggest marketing words of the year, just behind influencer in popularity. It’s important to craft stories that reach your buyers, and every story needs a hero. Who do you think that hero is? Is it your brand, swooping in to save the day and solve all of their pain points? There’s certainly an argument to [...]

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The Future of Social Media Marketing

If you’re still using the old faithful social media platforms—Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn—don’t worry. These networks aren’t going anywhere. If, however, you’ve noticed a downtrend in the number of engagements you’re receiving, it may be because you haven’t kept up with the many new ways that marketers are using these tools. The future of social media marketing has arrived. You’ll [...]

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